Friday, 25 December 2009

Mike Brown's Moon Node Horoscope during the discovery of (136108) Haumea

Michael E. Brown (born June 5, 1965) has the centaur Echeclus conjunct Pluto and Deucalion in Virgo in the cusp of the 10th house of the Moon Node Horoscope. The Age Point in the Moon Node Horoscope (AP-MNH) made a golden aspect (68.75º) and a quintil (72º) to Echeclus (also Pluto and Deucalion) during the discovery of Haumea:

Echeclus position is 13º45' Virgo and 0º04' of the 10th Moon Node House. This are the Age Point golden aspects to Echeclus in Brown's Moon Node Horoscope:

AP-MNH +137.5 > 10 Dic 1974
AP-MNH +144 > 28 Mar 1976
AP-MNH -144 > 22 Ago 1990
AP-MNH -137.5 > 10 Dic 1991

AP-MNH -72 > 16 Ene 2005
AP-MNH -68.75 > 10 Sep 2005
AP-MNH -36 > 28 Mar 2012
AP-MNH -34.38 > 25 Jul 2012

In July 2005 a group of Spanish astronomers [MNH's 10th House] rediscovered Haumea [Deucalion], precovered the orbit [Echeclus] and forced Brown to report quickly other objects discovered [Pluto; Virgo]:

"Ortiz argues that astronomers should report even large, slow-moving transneptunian objects as soon as they confirm the discovery. He told New Scientist that international scientists working together, collaborating and sharing resources can boost science progress and do the best possible job [2005 RM43]." (New Scientist)

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