Wednesday, 16 December 2009

(208996) 2003 AZ84, crystal clear

(208996) 2003 AZ84 is a plutino discovered in January of 2003. It has a diameter of about 650 km. It has a perihelion of 32.3 AU and an aphelion of 46.5 AU. It has an inclination of 13.5º. In February of 2007 a satellite was discovered (about 70 km diameter). There are prediscovery images back to February of 2002, December of 2001 and March of 1996. 2003 AZ84 was numbered in March of 2009.

In the year 2002, internet blogs become popular.

 Jacob - Twilight Saga

While (134340) Pluto gets in touch with the core of our highest self and destroys every thing that does not fit with its essential nature, (208996) 2003 AZ84 produces authenticity and transparency by restoring the equilibrium between form and contents, or between the inside and outside personality, like in the movies "Changing Lanes" (2002), "Ae Fond Kiss (Just a Kiss)" (2002), "Phone Booth" (2003), "Is Pure" (2002), "Virgin Territory" (2007), "Primal Fear" (1996), "The Crucible" (1996), or "Atonement" (2007).