Tuesday, 26 June 2007

(8405) Asbolus, the seer

(8405) Asbolus is a centaur discovered in April of 1995 and named in September of 1999. The orbit is between Jupiter and Neptune. It has a perihelion of 6.8 AU and an aphelion of 28.3 AU. It has an inclination of 17.6º. It has a diameter of about 85 km.

Greek mythology

Asbolus was a centaur that made forecasts from the flight formations of birds.

(8405) Asbolus joins the orbits of Jupiter (visual perception) and Neptune (symbolism). Dreams are a combination of images (Jupiter) and symbolism (Neptune). In the movie "Braveheart" (1995), Walece is dreaming with his dead wife and when he woke up he meets the princess Isabel. Both women have the same personality quality.

The combination of Jupiter's visual perception with Neptune's capability for identification and empathy gives to (8405) Asbolus a great ability for understand very quickly what others are doing by reading their face and corporal position or movement.

Michael Jordan, a professional basketball player, has Asbolus in the 1st House in the Crossing Point of Age Progressions (House Horoscope / Moon-Node Horoscope), in golden aspect (137º30') with 2005 RM43 in the 8th House.