Wednesday, 30 July 2008

(19521) Chaos, the spiritual laws that support personal freedom and free will

(19521) Chaos is a classical Kuiper belt object discovered in November of 1998 and named in 2002. It has a perihelion of 40.9 AU and an aphelion of 50.3 AU. It has a diameter of 600 km. There are prediscovery images back to December of 1996, November of 1993 and October of 1991.

The perihelion is at 16º27' Cancer (sesquiquintile aspect, 108º, =quintile [0º Libra]; 1º33' orb). It has an inclination of 12.0º, with the ascending node at 19º57' Taurus (septile aspect, 51º26'; 1º29' orb), whose argument of perihelion is equivalent to 26º30' Taurus (golden aspect, 55º37', =34º23' [0º Cancer]; 53' orb).

In the beginning, according to the Theogeny, there was Chaos, a neuter noun meaning “yawning” or “gap” (be wide open). Chaos was the dark void of space out of which the first objects of existence appeared. Chaos was followed soon after by the appearance of Gaia, the Earth.

The Gaia hypothesis, created by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis, posits the world as a superorganism and offers an explanation of self-organization on a global scale in terms of stability and change.

(19521) Chaos has a deep understanding of the spiritual laws that support personal freedom and free will, like the book "The Power of Free-Will" (Annie Marquier, 1991), or the movie "Prince of Egypt" (Dream Works, 1998), "Spirit" (Dream Works, 2002), or like Wicca, a contemporary religion founded in 1953 ("An ye harm none, do what ye will").

"The Wicca Rede is a rule that means "do not harm". When performing Magick, follow this rule strictly. Specifically, the Rede means that you are not purposely hurt, injure, control, or abuse another. Harm none also means there should be no manipulation of another's free will." (Gwinevere Rain, 2002; "SpellCraft for Teens: A magickal Guide to Writing and Casting Spells")

"Can I cast a spell for another person? you ask. You sure can, but listen up...there are some things you will need to know first! If a friend or family member is sick, it's natural to turn directly to a healing spell, but before you cast anything, be sure to ask the person for permission to perform a spell. [...] Wiccans believe in free will. By casting a spell on someone without her permission (even a healing spell), you are invading on free will, which is harmful. If she doesn't want you to do a heling spell for her, then it's her loss!" (Gwinevere Rain, 2002; "SpellCraft for Teens: A magickal Guide to Writing and Casting Spells")

In the year 2002, Spain approved the law 41/2002 autonomy of the patient, which gives right to the patient to be informed by the doctor and establishes that, if older of twelve, the patient can not be medicated without its permission.