Wednesday, 29 June 2011

(248835) 2006 SX368, creating solid links of mutual understanding and healthy limits in relationships

(248835) 2006 SX368 is a centaur discovered in September of 2006. It has a perihelion of 12.0 AU and an aphelion of 32.6 AU (orbit between Saturn and Neptune; Pholus family). It has a diameter of about 75 km.
(248835) 2006 SX368 has the ability to create solid links of trust based in mutual understanding from the very beginning, like in the movie "Brach" (2007), "Once" (2006), or "Gone" (2006). Also the movies "Unforgiven" (1992) and "Basic Instinct" (1992), that appeared during Pholus discovery.

On the other hand, this centaur can establish healthy limits in relationships when necessary, like in the movie "Once" (2006), "Gone" (2006), "When a Stranger Calls" (2006) and "Basic Instinct 2" (2006).

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bastet in Egypcian mythology

Bastet was a feline goddess of the Ancient Egypt. It was represented by a cat or a woman with the head of a cat, and usually with a sistrum (musical instrument) at hands. She was protective of births and pregnant women.

"There are times when the only thing to do is to wait. The seed has been planted, the child is growing in the womb, the oyster is coating the grain of sand and making it into a pearl. This card reminds us that now is a time when all that is required is to be simply alert, patient, waiting. The woman pictured here is in just such an attitude. Contented, with no trace of anxiety, she is simply waiting. Through all the phases of the moon passing overhead she remains patient, so in tune with the rhythms of the moon that she has almost become one with it. She knows it is a time to be passive, letting nature take its course. But she is neither sleepy nor indifferent; she knows it is time to be ready for something momentous. It is a time full of mystery, like the hours just before the dawn. It is a time when the only thing to do is to wait." (Osho-Zen Tarot, 1994)