Saturday, 20 October 2012

(127546) 2002 XU93, advise to those who are breaking through the unknown.

(127546) 2002 XU93 is a scattered disc object with Kozai resonance (inclination of 77º=180º-103º) discovered in December of 2002.

It has a perihelion of 21.0 AU and an aphelion of 111 AU (scattered disc object with high aphelion and Uranus at the perihelion). It has a diameter of about 110 km.

The social intelligence of (127546) 2002 XU93 can help others to break through their lives and open to experiences that are too far from day to day life, like the nun in the movie "Dragonfly" (2002), Jason Borne with Marie in the movie "The Bourne Identity" (2002), the sons and daughters with their parents in the movie "Just a Kiss" (2002), the uncle of Parker in the movie "Spiderman" (2002), the anthropologist in the movie "Lilo & Stich" (2002), Gwinevere Rain in the book "SpellCraft for Teens: A magickal Guide to Writing and Casting Spells" (2002), and the grandmother of Hay Lin in the comic book "Witch" (2001, 2003). 

Karen Hamaker Zondag, author of the book "The Twelfth House: The Hidden Power in the Horoscope" (1990), has 2002 XU93 in Pisces in the Crossing Point of the Age progressions (Basis Horoscope / Moon Node Horoscope). 2002 XU93 is in square the Sun in Sagittarius, sextile Hylonome in Taurus, and semisextile Typhon-Crantor in Aries. 2002 XU93 is in a threefold position, because is in Pisces and in the 12th House of the Moon Node Horoscope and also of the House Horoscope.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

2000 CO104, sharing the unexpected

2000 CO104 is a centaur discovered in February of 2000. The orbit is between Uranus and Neptune. It has a perihelion of 20.56 AU and an aphelion of 27.70 AU. The semimajor axis is at 24.13 AU. It has an orbital period of 119 years. It reached the perihelion in June of 1996. IT has an inclination of 3.0º.

When 2000 CO104 is with a group of people or is part of a collective event, as a music concert, a sports match or a conference on a specific topic, can become excited in a catching way by any incredible or unexpected event that is happening during it, or by the innovative ideas that are exposed.

"The Beach" (1999)

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

(230965) 2004 XA192, "Justice is about more than revenge" (Batman Begins)

(230965) 2004 XA192 is a scattered disc object discovered in December of 2004. It has a perihelion of 35.5 AU and an aphelion of 58.7 AU. It has a diameter of about 400 km. There is a prediscovery image back to 1989. 

The emotional intelligence of (230965) 2004 XA192 controls revenge feelings to give way to justice principles, like in the movie "Batman Begins" (2005) or at the end of the movie "Corpse Bride" (2005). On the other hand, (230965) 2004 XA192 gives the inner strength to undertake legal actions, unlike the TV director in the movie "Crash" (2004), which did not have the faith to report authority abuse and he represses him self until he becomes unbalanced.

Friday, 12 October 2012

(174567) Varda, emotions that go with consciousness when the additional channels of communication and interaction are discovered

(174567) Varda is related with changes in the state of privacy, like in the movie "Friday the 13th" (1980), when one of the girls in the group thinks she saw someone in the forest, on the other side of the lake, watching them.

In fact, this principle can become generalized into situations in which there are multiple channels of communication and interaction. In general, (174567) Varda is related to emotions that go with consciousness when the additional channels of communication and interaction are discovered, like in the movie "The Bourne Supremacy" (2004), when Pamela Landy receives a call from Jason Bourne and she realizes that he is also watching her from a nearby building through binoculars while the telephone call is taking place.

"My Best Friend's Wedding" (1997)