Monday, 31 July 2006

(307261) 2002 MS4, closed circuits of feedback

(307261) 2002 MS4 is a classical Kuiper object discovered in June of 2002. There are prediscovery images back to June of 1992, July and June of 1983, August of 1982, April of 1955 and April of 1954. It has a perihelion of 35.5 AU and an aphelion of 47.8 AU. It has a diameter of about 700 km.

(307261) 2002 MS4 is related to closed circuits of feedback, were every action returns reinforced in each cycle of interaction, like the trade between Native Americans and European colonists, the Cold War between United States and Soviet Union, or between United States and Middle East in present times. Every action has strong consequences on the long run, and that is why is so important to act correctly from the very beginng. 

Saturn and (307261) 002 MS4, are both concerned with security, but while Saturn is searching for physical protection, (307261) 2002 MS4 is searching for 'spiritual security'.

Spiritual security

The dreamcatcher of the native Indians of North America has a round web with witch it try to stop or minimize the efect of negative bucles of feedback that are reinforced through time, like in the movie "Changing Lanes" (2002). On the other hand, the dreamcatcher has feathers connected to the round circle that try to attract or start positive bucles of feedback, that are also reinforced through time, like in the movie "Dragon Fly" (2002).

(307261) 2002 MS4 has spiritual consciousness about the implications on the long run for the multiple paths of life that always exist for a given time. Like a dreamcatcher, by their choices in life, (307261) 2002 MS4 has the ability to refuse the bad dreams before they come true and the ability to attract the good ones. And that is what I mean for 'spiritual security'.

Saturday, 29 July 2006

Yin-yang differences between (90377) Sedna and Neptune

Neptune is 30 AU from the Sun, while Sedna is 76 to 976 AU!! From a spiritual stand point, compare Neptune with (90377) Sedna is like compare Earth with Heaven.
In the original myth, Sedna is related to birds (Venus quality) and dogs (Moon quality), and
also to cold water (serene and calm feelings) and is opposite to the human nature (academic intelligence).

The people that I met with (90377) Sedna prominent in its chart reminds me, Koda, the pure heart little bear of the Disney movie "Brother Bear" (2003), they also remind me the high emotional intuition of dolphins (spiritual intelligence).

(90377) Sedna has a feminine yin receptive component in its nature, she tries to link up to the elements of its environment. It is very different to the masculine force of Neptune, that tune with the unconscious components of the environment and tries to reinforce them by reflecting back its quality. Neptune has a strong yang inductive force like the three laughing masters (the last card of Osho Transformation Tarot).

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

(28978) Ixion, 'show gratitude to your benefactor'

(28978) Ixion is a plutino discovered in May of 2001 and named in 2003. It has a perihelion of 30.1 AU and an aphelion of 49.3 AU. It has a diameter of about 650 km. There are prediscovery images back to July and June of 2000, June of 1997, May of 1996, April of 1993, May 1990, May of 1985 and July of 1982. It has an inclination of 19.7º.

Greek mythology

"Ixion is the father of all centaurs except for Chiron. Ixion was king of the Lapiths in Thessaly, but not a very honourable king. For example, he married a woman named Dia, daughter of Eioneus....but decided not to pay the previously agreed upon price for his new bride. Eioneus held, for security on the debt, some horses that belonged to Ixion. Ixion told Eioneus that if he would bring the horses to Thessaly, Eioneus would be paid what he was due...but once there, killed Eioneus. Zeus decided to purify Ixion and he went to Olympus for the ritual. But while there, Ixion committed an even worse sin...he tried to seduce Zeus' wife, Hera! She told her husband, who then decided to verify Ixion's guilt with a test: he took a cloud, shaped it like Hera, and set it where Ixion would find it. Well, Ixion took the bait, and slept with the fake Hera. When Ixion came down to earth, he bragged to other mortals about sleeping with the queen of the gods. In punishment, Zeus bound Ixion to a winged or flaming spinning wheel in the Underworld upon which Ixion was forced to continuously repent: 'show gratitude to your benefactor'." []

The main theme with (28978) Ixion is to transform the abuses of any kind into correct relations or agreements, like in the movies "The Emperor's New Groove" (Disney, 2000), "Joy Ride" (2001), "Dogville" (2003) and "Tron" (1982).