Saturday, 25 September 2004

(90377) Sedna, pure heart

(90377) Sedna is a inner Oort cloud object discovered in November of 2003 and named in March of 2004 (it was the first inner Oort cloud object to be named).

It has a perihelion of 76.4 AU and an aphelion of 960.8 AU. There are prediscovery images back to October and August of 2003, December and October of 2002, October-September of 2001, September of 1991 and September of 1990. It has a diameter of about 1400 km.

Inuit mythology

Sedna was the goddess of the sea and the mother of all sea creatures. 

(90377) Sedna represents the capability to relate to everything that is very different of one is (specie, race, age, culture, social status), like in the movies "Lost in Translation" (2003), "Brother Bear" (Disney, 2004) or like 5th mutable line of the 11th hexagram of I-Ching. 

 (90377) Sedna combines the emotional and social intelligence of the scattered disc objects (perihelion) with the spiritual intelligence of the inner Oort cloud objects (aphelion).