Saturday, 30 August 2014

(346889) Rhiphonos, broad-minded and positive attitude when faced with a situation of conflict

(346889) Rhiphonos is a centaur discovered in August of 2009. It has a perihelion of 6.01 AU and an aphelion of 15.68 AU (Echeclus family). The semimajor axis is at 10.84 AU. It has an orbital period of 35 years and 266 days. It reached the perihelion in March of 2010. It has an inclination of 19.8º.

Greek mythology

The name Rhiphonos (Riphonus) means 'throwing'. He was one of the commanders of the centaurs who joined Dionysus in his campaign against India.

According to I-Ching, the conflict (6th hexagram) occurs when, believing that one has the right, meets resistance. This leads to an open lawsuit infront of an impartial authority that establishs rights and duties with out doubt.

(346889) Rhiphonos
combines the impacts and antagonistic conflicts of 15 AU, with the broad-minded and positive attitude of Jupiter.

"Twilight Saga: New Moon" (2009)

In front of a situation of conflict, the first thing is to keep calm and listen to the other part with an open mind, and later offer, with positive attitude, smart solutions to solve the conflict, remaining all the time ready to reach an agreement at half way.

"La flaqueza del Bolchevique" (2003)