Thursday, 31 May 2007

(87269) 2000 OO67, spiritual cutting

(87269) 2000 OO67 is an inner Oort cloud object discovered in July of 2000. It has a perihelion of 20.8 AU and an aphelion of 1068.2 AU (inner Oort cloud object with Uranus at the perihelion). It has a diameter of about 60 km. It came to perihelion in April of 2005. In July of 2006 was made an important astronomical observation. It has an inclination of 20.1º.

(87269) 2000 OO67 combines the energy of Uranus, symbolized in the image by the flash of the lightning, with the wisdom of the inner Oort cloud, symbolized in the image by the circle.

The main theme with (87269) 2000 OO67 it is not to let go or to liberate, instead it is to cut. The sudden and unexpected burst of spiritual wisdom appears and proposes an opportunity to break with the present situation, like in the movies "The Beach" (2000), "28 days" (2000), "Vertical Limit" (2000), "The Hitcher" (2006), "When an Stranger Calls" (2006) and "Gone" (2006).