Wednesday, 26 September 2007

(58534) Logos, emotional consciousness geared towards interesting rational approaches

(58534) Logos is a Kuiper belt object discovered in February of 1997 and named in June of 2006. It has a perihelion of 39.9 AU and an aphelion of 50.8 AU. It has an inclination of 2.9º.

 In Autumn of 2001 it was discovered that (58534) Logos had a binary companion (named Zoe). It is a system of nearly equal-sized bodies, with diameters of about 80 km and 66 km.

'Logos' is the Greek word for 'word' or 'reason' and 'zoe' is the Greek word for 'life'. The sophists used the term 'logos' to mean discourse, and Aristotle applied the term to 'rational discourse'.

The emotional consciousness of (58534) Logos is geared towards interesting rational approaches.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002)

In the movie "Rear Window" (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954), a photographer is recuperating from a broken leg. He passes the time by spying on his neighbours through his apartment's rear window and comments the social aspects of what he sees with his girlfriend and a home care nurse that came every day to his house. This movie had a remake in 1998, a few moths after the discovery of Logos ("Disturbia" is a most recent remake). 
By the time of the discovery of Zoe, appeared the movie "K-Pax" (2001), in which there is a man that claims to come from a planet called K-Pax. His psychiatrist and a group of astronomer discourse about this incredible man. 

Just after (58534) Logos was named (June 2006), astronomer concluded the debate about "planet" definition.