Wednesday, 4 June 2014

(87555) 2000 QB243, emotional awareness geared toward elements of antagonism

(87555) 2000 QB243 is a scattered disc object discovered in August of 2000. It reached the perihelion in April of 1992.

It has a perihelion of 15.26 AU and an aphelion of 54.36 AU (scattered disc object with very low aphelion). The semimajor axis is at 34.81 AU. It has an orbital period of 205 years. It has an inclination of  6.7º.

Orbital resonance:
9:22 with Uranus (99.8%)
4:5 with Neptune (99.5%)
1:7 with Saturn (99.4%)
6:5 with Pluto (99.2%)

The emotional awareness of (87555) 2000 QB243 is geared toward any detail in the behavior of others that reflects antagonism. So that, it is able to perceive potential conflicts well in advance, allowing to rectify the situation or to intervene in the proper way, like in the movie "Meet the Parents" (2000). 

"Meet the Parents" (2000)