Monday, 23 November 2009

(84522) 2002 TC302, self-regulated learning

(84522) 2002 TC302 is a 2:5 resonant scattered disc object discovered in October 2002. It has a perihelion of 39.2 AU and an aphelion of 71.9 AU (scattered disc object with medium aphelion). It has an inclination of 35.0º. It has a diameter of about 1100 km. There are prediscovery images back to August of 2001 and August of 2000.

(84522) 2002 TC302 is related with self-regulated learning, like in the movie "Final Destination" (2000), "28 Days" (2000) or "Erin Brockovich" (2000), and especially "Lilo & Stich" (Disney, 2002).

The term self-regulated can be used to describe learning that is guided by metacognition (thinking about one's thinking)
strategic action (planning, monitoring, and evaluating personal progress against a standard), and motivation to learn. In particular, self-regulated learners are cognizant of their academic strengths and weaknesses, and they have a repertoire of strategies they appropriately apply to tackle the day-to-day challenges of academic tasks. These learners hold incremental beliefs about intelligence (as opposed to fixed views of intelligence) and attribute their successes or failures to factors (e.g., effort expended on a task, effective use of strategies) within their control. Finally, students who are self-regulated learners believe that opportunities to take on challenging tasks, practice their learning, develop a deep understanding of subject matter, and exert effort will give rise to academic success. In part, these characteristics may help to explain why self-regulated learners usually exhibit a high sense of self-efficacy. In the educational psychology literature, researchers have linked these characteristics to success in and beyond school. (Wikipedia: self-regulated learning)