Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Alicanto, Chilean mythology for (474640) 2004 VN112

On May, 14, 2021, the object 2004 VN112 was officially named (474640) Alicanto.
"The Alicanto is a Chilean mythological bird of the Atacama Desert whose wings shine at night with beautiful, metallic colors. A miner who follows it can find rich mineral outcrops or treasures, but if the Alicanto discovers that it's being followed, it will turn off the shining of its wings and scuttle away in the darkness of the night. [Ref: WGSBN Bull. 1, #1, 30]"

(474640) Alicanto is a detached extreme transneptunian object (Kuiper belt I) discovered in November of 2004. There is a prediscovery image back to September of 2000.

It reached the perihelion in June of 2009.

The orbit is located between the Kuiper belt and the inner Oort cloud. It has a perihelion of 47.29 AU and an aphelion of 590.64 AU. The semimajor axis is at 318.97 AU. It has an orbital period of 5696 years and 271 days. It has an inclination of 25.6º (semiseptile 25º43 [=(tri)septile 154º17' > 0º Libra], 0º07' orb). It has a diameter of about 315 km.

It has the following orbital resonances:
"Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas" (2003)
Semi-major axis:
1:23 with Pluto (%100.0)
1:21 with Salacia (99.9)
1:11 with Saturn (99.6)
1:2 with Neptune (98.7)
5:6 with Salacia (%100.0)
12:7 with Eris (99.8)

The object Alicanto combines the infiltration ability of twotinos (perihelion in 1:2 resonance with Neptune) and the capacity to make drastic decisions based on priority criteria according on the severity of the consequences (perihelion in 1:11 resonance with Saturn), with the spiritual intelligence of objects of the Oort cloud (aphelion).
"Gone in 60 Seconds" (2000)

The purpose of the object Alicanto is to protect life, ensuring its development and evolution in the right direction. For this, it is capable of making very difficult decisions --in which in addition to advantages there may be significant disadvantages or risks--, evaluating according to statistical criteria or artificial intelligence algorithms.
"I-Robot" (2004)
Thanks to its ability to hide its intentions, it is able to do something valuable for others or for itself, even while immersed in circumstances of mass surveillance.

Alfred Lanning, "I-Robot" (2004)
Nicolas Cage, actor of the movie "Gone in 60 seconds", has Alicanto in Pisces (5th Moon-Node House), in sextile with Vesta in Capricorn (7th Moon-Node House).
James Cromwell, actor of the movie "The Sum of All Fears" (2002) and "I-Robot" (2004), has Alicanto in Aquarius (9th Moon-Node House), in quincunx with the Moon-Vertex in Virgo (2nd Moon-Node House); cuartinovile@10º with Mercury; and novile Juno.
Lena Headey, actress of the TV series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (2008), has Alicanto in Pisces (10th Moon-Node House), in square with Juno in Sagittarius (1st Moon-Node House) [which is in conjunction with Ceres]. She has Neptune in semisextile with the Black Moon, both which form quartinovile and seminovile with Alicanto. 
Claire Danes, actress of the TV series "Homeland" (2011-2020), has Alicanto in Pisces (12th Moon-Node House), near Mercurio, at the midpoint of the Sol-Pallas sextile; and square with Crossing axis of Age Progressions (Signs Horoscope) in Gemini/Sagittarius.
Dave Eggers, author of the novel "The Circle" (2013), has Alicanto in Pisces (7th Moon-Node House), in conjunction with Mercury; and opposition to the South Node of the Moon.
Naomie Harris, supporting actress in the movie "Street Kings" (2008), has Alicanto in Pisces [low point] (8th Moon-Node House), in trine with Pallas in Cancer [low point] (4th Moon-Node House); novile the Black Moon.
Carmen Maura, actress of the movie "La Comunidad" (2000), has Alicanto in Aquarius (5th Moon-Node House), trine Uranus in Gemini (1st Moon-Node House); quincunx Juno in Virgo (10th Moon-Node House); and in square with the Crossing Axis of Age Progressions (Signs Horoscope) in the signs Taurus/Scorpio. 
Britney Spears, singer, dancer, songwriter, model and actress, has Alicanto in Pisces (5th Moon-Node House, cusp), in opposition to Mars; in square with Neptune in Sagittarius (8th Moon-Node House); and in sextile Venus in Capricorn (7th nMoon-Node House).