Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Zhulong, Chinese mythology for (472235) 2014 GE45

On 27 August 2019, (472235) 2014 GE45 was oficially named (472235) Zhulong.

"Zhulong, also called 'Torch Dragon', is a mythological creature with a human face and scarlet serpent body [very intense red color]. It controlled the day and night of the world by opening and closing its eyes. It is described in classic Chinese literature as shining a torch over the ninefold darkness [darkness multiplied by nine]. Name suggested by students at the National Dali School." (M.P.C.115895).

Alex [Devon Sawa], "Final Destination" (2000)

(472235) Zhulong is a scattered disc object (medium aphelion), in 1:5 resonance with Uranus, discovered in April of 2014. There are prediscovery images back to February-January of 2014, April of 2013, December of 2012, April of 2012, February of 2012, June-May of 2011, May-April of 2000. It was spotted without being identified in April of 2011. It has a diameter of about 230 km.

"Final Destination" (2000)