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(90377) Sedna, equalization that guarantees the dignity of treatment for all forms of life

Despite the differences in context, the bird man of the mythology of Sedna, disguised and elegantly dressed, which promises to a girl of the village, skins and abundant food in distant lands, has an amazing parallelism with the mafias of trafficking with persons, which through a "Loverboy" they capture victims by promising excellent works in a foreign country, but just as they arrive there, they removed their passport, state a huge debt, and by violence, threats and a monitoring network, they force them into prostitution or to carry out work in conditions of exploitation.

Sedna during the final stage of Atlantis

The last perihelion of Sedna, 12000 years ago, clashed with the final stage of Atlantis. According to Cayce, at that epoch there were "robot-things", individuals with some animal parts, such as hooves or tail, and a level of development equivalent to that of domestic animals, such as a horse, a mule, a dog or a cat, without the ability to drive themselves autonomously (even though they had a human soul), so they were dependent on their owners for their mental and material life. In the society of Atlantis, they did the usual jobs for robots or machines, such as agricultural and craft work or domestic tasks.

The controversy arose from its relations with those who had the power (the Atlanteans that were fully human), which divided the society into two groups with oposing idealogies toward the robot-things: The Sons of Belial, who used them without consideration as sex slaves and for work exploitation, and the Sons of Law of One, who were concerned with their rights and dignity of its existence.

3:2 resonance with the hypotetical 'Planet 9'

Through (90377) Sedna, the interaction with other living beings is characterized by the reduction of the differences between high and low in a process of equalization that guarantees the dignity of treatment for all forms of life (3:2 resonance with the hypothetical 'Planet 9').

(90377) Sedna combines the resonant leadership (scattered disc objects with medium aphelion) with the spiritual intelligence (inner Oort cloud objects), which allows to understand intuitively how every living creature is part of the global ecosystem and plays a unique role in the process of evolution and development of other species.

The emotions that are generated during the interaction, exert a subtle influence on the environment, making easy to develope activities in a harmonious manner and in an atmosphere of happiness.

"Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron" (2002)

Osho, spiritual master, had Sedna in Aries and in the 1st Moon-Node House; in conjunction with Uranus; in trine with the Sun in Sagittarius and in the 4th Moon-Node House; and in square with the Moon in Capricorn and in the 3rd Moon-Node House.

Jessica Alba, actress of the movie "The Sleeping Dictionary" (2001), has Sedna in Taurus and in the overlap area of the 3rd and 4th Moon-Node Houses; in conjunction with the Sun, which is part of a stellium with Mercury, Venus, Mars and Chiron.