Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Eris in Greek mythology, typologies of personality

In Greek mythology, Zeus ceased to have interest in Thetis when the oracle predicted that the son arising out of the union would be more powerful than his father. For this reason, he looked for the right man for her and he chose Peleus, the hero who fought along with Heracles. Thetis did not liked the idea of becoming the wife of a mere mortal, but changed her mind when Zeus promised to organize a wedding to be attended by all the gods of Olympus.

However, appeared Eris, the goddess of discord, even though she had not been invited to the wedding, and in the middle of the feast launched an apple with the following inscription: "for the most beautiful". Just then, three divinities claimed for the apple: Hera, goddess of marriage and obligation; Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy; and Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love.

Because they were unable to agree among themselves, they asked Zeus to decide which of them belonged the apple, but he did not wanted to be involved and delegated the decision to Paris, a pastor of Mount Ida.  

The apple with the inscription symbolizes a section of the manual of a typology, such as for example the planets, aspects, signs or houses in astrology; the arcana of the Tarot, the characters in mythology, or profiles in psychological tests.

Astrologically, (136199) Eris is related with the ability to assign correctly the categories of a typology to a specific aspect of a situation or person, and vice versa.

Birth of the astrological psychology

The first prediscovery of (136199) Eris, clashed in the '50s, with the first tests of personality in psychology and with the birth of the psychological astrology:

"From the experiences of the era of Zurich I was able to get rid of the classic way of thinking that exist around astrology. In that way, since 1955, I dedicated myself to make a true basic research and, on the basis of the incentives mentioned above and with the help of batteries of psychological tests carefully selected, I managed to define the exact meanings and clearly delimited between the signs, houses, the planets and the seven main types of aspects." (Bruno Huber)

In the '50s, the statistic research of Gauquelin was a clear example of the discord of (136199) Eris, because according to the results, the eminent professionals were not associated to the conjunction of the planet with 10th House cusp, but to its golden aspect.

The following prediscoveries occurred quite continuous since the year 1982, clashing with the resurgence of the psychological astrology in the '80s and '90s, with well-known authors such as Robert Hand, Bil Tierney, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Tracy Marks, Melanie Reinhart, Erin Sullivan, Sue Tompkins, Liz Green and Howard Sasportas.

In fact, (136199) Eris is related with any kind of typology, such as the psychological mythology of Jean Shinoda Bolen ("Goddesses in Everywoman", 1984), or the esoteric psychology of Annie Marquier ("Free Your True Self", 1999).

Humanistic psychology

The first prediscovery of (136199) Eris in the '50s, also clashed with the birth of humanistic psychology, which focuses on the elimination of inappropriate roles that had been assumed, and wich damage the personality, to replace them by other more suitable to one's self.

Humanistic psychology considers each human being as unique and unrepeatable, which reaches levels of consciousness every time higher and more integrated, between the different parts of one self and the social relationships that are formed during the course of self-realization.

Carl G. Jung, whose book "Psychological Types" (1921) describes a typology of 4x2 categories, which correspond to the four astrological elements (fire, earth, air and water) and the two directions of movement (direct and retrograde), has Eris at the Crossing Point of the Age Progressions (Houses Horoscope / Moon-Node Horoscope). In the Signs Horoscope, Eris in Pisces forms a trine with Mercury in Cancer, and in the Houses Horoscope, Eris in the 2nd House forms a square with Mars in the 11th House.