Wednesday, 16 March 2016

(54520) 2000 PJ30, unusual hazardous sports

(54520) 2000 PJ30 is a 'Distant object' discovered in August of 2000. There is a prediscovery image back to July of 2000. It was spotted without being identified in July of 1999. It reached the perihelion in October of 1972.

The orbit is between Neptune and the farest region of the scattered disc, forms an orbital piercing from Neptune to Uranus. It has a perihelion of 28.51 AU and an aphelion of 216.54 AU. The semimajor axis is at 122.53 AU. It has an orbital period of 1356 years. It has an inclination of 5.7º.

Orbital resonance:
2:11 with Pluto (99.5%)
1:16 with Uranus (99.1%)

13:1 with Planet 9 (27.2%)


At the end of the '60, shortly before the perihelion of (54520) 2000 PJ30, snowboarding began to be practiced. In the video game "SSX" (PS2, 2000), which appeared during the discovery of (54520) 2000 PJ30, the most notable characteristic was the many hidden shortcuts that were to be discovered by chance and pass through unexplored and unforeseen areas.

(60558) Echeclus y (54520) 2000 PJ30
"SSX" (PS2, 2000)

(54520) 2000 PJ30 is related with any kind of hazardous physical activity, but very unusual, although incorporating some common elements of the most popular sports. The type of activity chosen is always very personal, but it always provides intense emotions and at the same time the feeling of novelty.

"127 Hours" (2010)