Wednesday, 7 May 2014

(385446) Manwe, Law of Grace (Edgar Cayce)

(385446) Manwe is a binary Kuiper belt object discovered in August of 2003 and named in April of 2014. It reached the perihelion in April of 1794.

It has a perihelion of 38.64 AU and an aphelion of 48.75 AU. The semimajor axis is at 43.69 AU. It has an orbital period of 289 years. It has a diameter of about 160 km + 90 km. It has an inclination of 2.6º.

The companion, named Thorondor, was discovered in July of 2006 and reported in September of 2006. Manwe and Thorondor will go through a period of mutual ocultations from July of 2014 to October of 2018 (Pluto and Charon passed by similar events from 1985 to 1990).

Orbital resonance:
6:7 with Pluto (99.9%)
4:7 with Neptune (99.7%)

J.R.R. Tolkien's mythology

Manwë is foremost among the deities who rule the world. Manwë takes special responsibility for the air and winds. He resides in the Undying Lands across the western ocean from Middle Earth. For intelligence of events in Middle Earth, Manwë relies on the kingdom of eagles led by Thorondor. 

(385446) Manwe is related with a spontaneous change toward correct acctions and attitudes from a karmic point of view, without any external intervention. So that the latent karma (related to the quality of inverse of these actions and that remains latent until the appropriate circumstances for it to materialize), is so much diluted, or even disappears completely (Law of Grace), like in the movies "Brother Bear" (2003), "Sinbad: The Legend of the Seven Sea" (2003), "Breaking and Entering" (2006) and "The Lives of Others" (2006).

If the karma has already been materialized, the attitude and conduct of (385446) Manwe places the person in the good way for overcome that karma.

"To bring face to face these things that have been called karmic ... However, it should be remembered that, through the Law of Grace, can be reduced to a simple internal impulsion. And if there becomes a concordance of the own will with the Crist Way, may prevent the misfortune to come; problems can be overcomed and make good good choices that bring joy, love and wellbeing to the rest of life. This is preferable, rather than choosing the Law of Cause and Effect, which obliges a confrontation of oneself with everything, with the toughest part of the world." (Edgar Cayce)

In the first episodes of the TV series "Lost" (1st season, 2004), is revealed through flashbacks, that Kate was traveling handcuffed and custodied by an agent in the plane. However, just before the onset of the disaster, she was going to ask the agent to give the reward to the farmer who carried her in car for gave her up to the authorities. In addition, after the car accident, if she did not saved to the farmer, she could been able to escape.

"Lost" (1st season, 2004)

Evangeline Lilly, actress of the TV series "Lost" (2004), has Manwe in Aquarius in the 8th house of the Moon-Node Horoscope in opposition to the Sun in Leo (where there also are Mercury, Venus and Jupiter).