Monday, 10 February 2014

(137295) 1999 RB216, keep out of sight like a squirrel behind the trunk of a tree

(137295) 1999 RB216 is a twotino discovered in September of 1999. It has a perihelion of 33.6 AU and an aphelion of 61.9 AU (scattered disc object with low aphelion). It has a diameter of about 150 km. There is an importan astronomical observation in the year 2006. It has an inclination of 12.7º.

During the discovery of (137295) 1999 RB216, appeared the video game "Metal Gear Solid" (PSX, 1999), in which the main theme is a stealth movement during infiltration, like a squirrel behind the trunk of a tree.

"Metal Gear Solid" (PSX, 1999)

In November of 2006, appeared the videogame "Gears of War" (XBOX 360), were it is essential to cover to avoid taking damage while moving towards enemy forces. (Wikipedia: Cover system)

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