Sunday, 21 April 2013

(148209) 2000 CR105, selection of human resources through logic reinforced by emotional intuition

(148209) 2000 CR105 is an inner Oort cloud object discovered in February of 2000. It has a perihelion of 44.1 AU and an aphelion of 393.8 AU (inner Oort cloud object with the Kuiper belt at the perihelion). It has a diameter of about 250 km.

When (148209) 2000 CR105 has to choose between dirent options of human resourcesselect an option, the high artificial intelligence of the Kuiper belt is combined with the spiritual intelligence of the inner Oort cloud, as is the case of the boy in the movie "Pay it Forward" (2000), the mother (and his expert friend) in the movie "Awake" (2007) or the president in the movie "The Contender" (2000).

Michel Gauquelin, psychologist and statistician, who in the fifties discovered the eminence effect in professional groups depending on the position of the planets in the House Horoscope (golden aspects to the cusp of the 10th house), has 2000 CR105 in Taurus in the Crossing Point of the Age Progression (Basis Horoscope / Moon-Node Horoscope). 2000 CR105 is in trine with Thereus in Capricorn, semisextile with Eris in Aries, and semisextile Juno in Gemini.