Wednesday, 28 November 2012

(455502) 2003 UZ413, the bottom of the matter

(455502) 2003 UZ413 is a plutino discovered in October of 2003. It has a perihelion of 30.4 AU and an aphelion of 48.0 AU. It has a diameter of about 600 km. There are prediscovery images back to October of 1996, October of 1991, August of 1990, November and September of 1982 and July of 1954. 

In the Japanese manga-anime "Case Closed [Detective Conan]" (1994, 1996), the detective Conan reconstructs the crime scene by the evidence he finds (1995 SM55). The more ascertain, the more limited the possibilities of what happened, until there is no doubt and the assassin is identified (2003 UZ413).

(455502) 2003 UZ413 has a strong psychological perception. Facial expressions, emotional reactions and behaviours that are not coherent by context, are taken as unequivocal evidence. (455502) 2004 UZ413 dismisses everything that is not essential to find the bottom of the matter, like in the movies "Dial for Murder" (1954), "Case Closed [Detective Conan]" (1996), "Twelve Monkeys" (1995),  "Cluedo" (1990, TV), "Poltergeist" (1982), "Presumed Innocent" (1990), "Twin Peaks" (1990) and "Phone Booth" (2002).

(455502) 2003 UZ413 is specially sharpness at the first moments, when there is no evidence yet, like in the movies "Rear Window" (1954) and "Underworld" (2003).