Sunday, 5 February 2012

(79369) Sila-Nunam, rational analysis at the bifurcation points

(79360) Sila-Nunam is a binary classical Kuiper belt object discovered in February of 1997. It has a perihelion of 43.4 AU and an aphelion of 44.4 AU (near the mean 4:7 resonance). The companion was discovered in October of 2002. They are almost the same size (diameters of 245-230 km). The permanent number was assigned in May of 2004 and it was named in January of 2012.

Sila is the Inuit god of the sky, weather, and life force. Nunam is the Earth goddess, Sila's wife. Nunam created the land animals and the first people of Inuit out of wet sand. Sila breathed life into the Inuit.

The 'Two Paths' tarot spread provides insight into an important decision ahead of you, the possible outcomes, and the forces that draw you towards each of these outcomes. (

The main theme of (79360) Sila-Nunam is rational analysis at the bifurcation points based on the specific advantages, disadvantages and consequences of each option or branch ('high artificial intelligence').

(29981) 1999 TD10 and (79360) Sila-Nunam
"The Peacemaker" (1997)

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Barack Obama, has Sila-Nunam in Gemini opposite 2003 OP32 and 2000 OO67 in Sagittarius in the Crossing Axis of the Age Progressions (Basis Horoscope / Moon-Node Horoscope). 1995 SM55 is squaring the CP-BH/MNH's axis. Sila-Nunam is in trine with 2002 TX300 and sextile with Eris.