Thursday, 6 October 2011

The moon of (90482) Orcus, life and death as the external context is modified

A moon of (90482) Orcus was discovered in November of 2005 and named Vanth in April of 2009. 

Vanth is a daimon in Etruscan mythology who guides the dead to the underworld. She often appears on tomb paintings and sarcophagi, where she is depicted with wings and a torch. She is frequently shown in the presence of Charun, a guard of the underworld.

"Unstoppable" (2010)

At the end of the movie "Blood Diamond" (2006) there is a scene representative of (90482) Orcus in the low point of the 2nd house, when Danny Archer reevaluates the seriousness of his wounds in the context of the pursuit (Orcus) and hands over the diamond to Solomon (low point of the 2nd house).


In the year 2009 appeared the movie "My Sister's Keeper" that --together with (19521) Chaos and (386723) 2009 YE7--  is about the main theme of (90482) Orcus: life and death as the external context is modified.

"The Next Three Days" (2010)