Friday, 24 December 2010

(33128) 1998 BU48, brainstorming

(33128) 1998 BU48 is a centaur discovered in January of 1998. It has a perihelion of 20.5 AU and an aphelion of 45.9 AU (orbit between Uranus and the Kuiper Belt).

According to dynamical systems theory, all centaurs are chaotic, but 1998 BU48 has one of the highest Lyapunov exponent, because of the high contrast between the total chaos of Uranus and fixed schemes and procedures of the classical Kuiper belt objects. The same is applied to its fractal dimension.

"Lumines II - Heavenly Star" (PSP, 2006)

(33128) 1998 BU48 creates chaos as plentiful variety (Uranus) from which to select the appropriate option (45 AU). But the fractal structure of chaotic attractor allows that the chaos generated points from its beginning of its source to the result wanted. The result is plentiful variety that is already related with the theme wanted, like the computer program that translates the old and incomprehensible writings of the vampires by chance sequence, in the movie "Blade" (1998).

"Blade" (1998)

The creative thinking of (33128) 1998 BU48 is like the main character of the movies "Kirikou and the Sorceress" (1998) and "Kirikou and the Wild Beasts" (2005).

(33128) 1998 BU48 and (58534) Logos
"I Know What You Did Last Summer" (1997)