Tuesday, 2 November 2010

(309239) 2007 RW10, almost instantaneous 180º turn

(309239) 2007 RW10 is a centaur discovered in September of 2007. It has a perihelion of 21.2 AU and an  aphelion of 39.6 AU. It has a orbit between Uranus and the Kuiper belt. There are prediscovery images back to June of 1990 and June of 1988.

High Lyapunov exponent

According to dynamical systems theory, all centaurs are chaotic, but (309239) 2007 RW10 has one of the highest Lyapunov exponent (the speed which the system changes between different phase states), because of the high contrast between the total chaos of Uranus and fixed schemes and procedures of the classical Kuiper belt objects.

2007 RW10 Lyapunov exponent is even higher than (52975) Cyllarus or (55576) Amycus. It is really amazing how sudden the situation makes a 180º turn, like in the movies "300" (2007), "Rec" (2007), "Awake" (2007), "Michael Clayton" (2007), "The Messengers" (2007), "Changing Lanes" (2002), "Mystic Pizza" (1988), or "Back to the Future" (Part 3, 1990); or the characters in "Ranma 1/2" (1987), or "Transformers" (2007).

Artificial life

This complexity that emerges at the edge of chaos, between the total chaos of Uranus and the 'high artificial intelligence' of the Kuiper belt, points in the direction of artificial life.
In the Transformers live action film (2007), "AllSpark" is a cube-shaped artifact adorned with glyphs and designs which is capable of granting independent life to normal electronic and mechanical objects and is the source of life for all Transformers.

During the prediscovery of (309239) 2007 RW10 (1988, 1990), the informatic viruses get popularized. And during the discovery (2007), appeared Microsoft operative system "Windows Vista" (2007), that allow all the windows opend to get actualized its visual presentation in real time, specially the gadges at the right of the desk, giving a sense of being alive all the time.

Goa trance is a musical style that appeared in India between 1988 and 1990. Its sounds has one of the highest fractal dimensions, like the speech of the Star Wars android R2D2 or the sound of some especial birds. Some examples are "Lets Turn On" (Doof), "Mahadeva" (Astral Projection), "Spiritual Antiseptic" (Hallucinogen) and "Labyrinth" (Miranda). Psytrance is a musical style, almost identical to goa trance, but with 'metallic' sounds instead of 'organic' sounds, that reminds artificial life images. Some examples are "Slick Witch" (Slinky Wizard) and "Alcyone" (Pleiadians).