Monday, 19 May 2008

(55565) 2002 AW197, the art of the stratagem

(55565) 2002 AW197 is a Kuiper belt object discovered in January of 2002. It has a perihelion of 41.1 AU and an aphelion of 53.5 AU. There are prediscovery images back to March-February of 2001, December and January of 2000 and December of 1997. It has an inclination of 24.3º. It has a diameter of about 700 km.

The "Thirty-Six Stratagems" was a Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, as well as in civil interaction. (55565) 2002 AW197 uses the art of the stratagem in problem-solving, like the strategic therapy used by Prot with Howie in the movie "K-Pax" (2001), or by Cesar Millan, the dog trainer, in the TV show "The Dog Whisperer" (2004), or the movies "Confidence" (2002) and "Secretary" (2002).

The most outstanding of (55565) 2002 AW197 is its capability for distinguish if an estratagem is giving the expected results, or is worsen the situation. Estratagems are usually very simple, but not intuitive in its effects.

A parodian example of (55565) 2002 AW197 could be the Super Genius Warner Bross "Wile E. Coyote".

"Kung Fu Panda" (2008)