Saturday, 3 November 2012

(182933) 2002 GZ31, relationships with chemistry

(182933) 2002 GZ31 is a scattered disc binary object discovered in April of 2002. It has a perihelion of 38.4 AU and an aphelion of 63.4 AU (scattered disc object with low aphelion). It has a moon discovered in April of 2006 and announced in February of 2007 (240 km + 129 km). The permanent number was assigned in  April of 2008.

 "Blue Crash" (2002)

(182933) 2002 GZ31 has the emotional intelligence that provoke interest in someone who has (or will have) special importance in a specific situation or moment of live. This captative feelings are those who keep alive the sparkle of the relationship, like in the movies "K-Pax" (2001), "Blue Crash" (2002), "Invincible" (2006), "We Are Marshall" (2006) and "Little Miss Sunshine" (2006).