Sunday, 22 May 2011

(241097) 2007 DU112, platinum trophy achievement (100% completion of the videogame)

"There must be a beginning of any great matter,
but the continuing unto the end until it be throughly finished
yields the true glory." (Francis Drake, 1587)

(241097) 2007 DU112 is a scattered disc object discovered in February of 2007. It has a perihelion of 9.0 AU and an aphelion of 71.5 AU (low aphelion with Saturn at the perihelion). There is a prediscovery image back to January of 2003.

(241097) 2007 DU112 is the prototype of the video game player, that combines social abilities and group consciousness, with patience and the ability to persist (emotional intelligence), trying again after the game is over, like Elena Fisher and Nathan Drake in the PS3's video game "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" (2007).

Frustration of Victor Sullivan, just at the beginning of the adventure 
"Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" (2007) 

(241097) 2007 DU112 has the emotional drive that allows to maintain the same direction in front of adversity, like at the beginning of the movie "Rails & Ties" (2007), or to conserve previous personality, like Charlie Crews during his years at prison repeating himself that he was a cop.

Platinum trophy

Achievements are included within games to extend the title's longevity and provide players with the impetus to more than simply complete the game but find all of its secrets. They are effectively arbitrary challenges laid out by the developer to be met by the player. These achievements may coincide with the inherent goals of the game itself, such as completing a level, with secondary goals such as finding secret power-ups or levels, or may also be independent of the game's primary or secondary goals, such as playing a certain number of times, viewing a video, beating a certain number of online opponents or completing a level in a certain amount of time. Certain achievements may refer to other achievements - many games have one achievement that require the player to have gained every other achievement. (Wikipedia)

'Are you giving up?'
"Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" (2007)

When the video game console Xbox 360 first appeared, at the end of the year 2005, included a system of users profile and achievements in games. After the discovery of (241097) 2007 DU112, achievements extended to other platforms of video games. The video game "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" (2007), exclusive to PS3, included a medal system that was later actualized to trophies (analogous to the achievements of Xbox 360), when the PS3's firm actualization 2.40, that appeared in July of 2008, awolled the PSN Trophy system for all games.

The platinum trophy is obtained after all trophies of bronze, silver and gold are achieved and represents the 100% completion of the game.

(241097) 2007 DU112 always finishes what he begins, like in the movie "In the Valley of Elah" (2007), "The Kindom" (2007) and "Little Miss Sunshine" (2006).

"Little Miss Sunshine" (2006)