Wednesday, 19 October 2005

2004 VN112, euthanasia; (90482) Orcus, suicide by external circumstances

The inner Oort cloud object 2004 VN112, has an important role in euthanasia (when someone needs the help of others to find death).

The Spanish movie about euthanasia "The Sea Inside" (2004), won the Oscar for the best foreign language film of the year. Also, the pose of the script of the movie "I, Robot" (2004) is based in euthanasia: Alfred Laning was controlled and trapped by the supercomputer VIKI, so he build a robot (Sony) with a operative system that was not restricted by the Three Laws of the Robotics, that allowed him to ask the robot to help him die, so his friend Del Spooner (police detective) could start the investigation about VIKI corruption and power abuse.

At the end of the movie "Open Water" (2004) or at the end of the movie "The Day of Tomorrow" (2004), there are suicides motivated by external circumstances, which are related with (90482) Orcus.